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Caterpillar to acquire Bucyrus to broaden mining-equipment product range
Caterpillar and Bucyrus have entered into an agreement under which Caterpillar will acquire Bucyrus in a transaction valued at approximately $8.6 billion.
Find out what this means for their product lines...

Suncor recognized for tailings management process
Suncor Energy reported it has won a 2010 ASTech award for its TROTM tailings management process. The process, which received regulatory approval in June 2010, is expected to result in significant improvement in the speed of oil sands tailings reclamation. Learn more about the process...

New email addresses for REM team
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SKF promotes asset efficiency with new Edmonton factory
QHow does a company like SKF organize and market a century of knowledge? It builds the SKF Solution Factory Edmonton to deliver solutions: ideas that will help its customers become more efficient, more profitable and more competitive.
Get full factory details from its grand opening...

Shell Lubricants revamps LubeAnalyst oil analysis program
The upgraded Shell LubeAnalyst program provides an online user interface that offers a worldwide sample history and failure trends on various types of equipment and engine types. The program offers a scientific approach to preventive maintenance.
Learn more about this oil analysis program...

FEATURE: Oil & Lubrication

Take it the Distance:
Proper lubrication techniques extend life of gearing equipment
Full feature...


Dual-keyed couplings
A new line of large bore couplings that feature axial and annular keyways for use with pumps and mixers driven by unsupported shafts.. more...

FastMaint CMMS V5.3
SMGlobal has released FastMaint CMMS v. 5.3 to manage plant maintenance, facility and building maintenance and fleet maintenance. more...

Portable lifting platform
Trans-Quip has presented Southworth's portable Lift-Tool, an alternative to variable-height workbenches. more...


Power Down: Cut costs with field-ready energy management tips

Bridging the Gap: Five considerations when choosing an asset management solution

Take it the Distance: Proper lubrication techniques extend the life of gering equipment


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