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Worker killed maintaining seismic track drill
A driller was killed last month in Northern Alberta conducting maintenance on a seismic track drill, which pinned against a parked pick-up truck.
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5 workers injured in Alberta oilsands blast; probe ongoing
Canadian Natural Resources faces work stoppage while investigators probe the cause of an explosion Jan. 6 that injured five workers at the company's Horizon oilsands site near Fort McKay First Nation in Northern Alberta. Get full incident details...

Mining offers greatest economic potential for Northern Canada
The natural resources sector Рand the industries that support it Рprovide the strongest potential for Northern Canada’s future economic development, the Conference Board of Canada concludes says.
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Benchmark releases probe for vibration, bearing-condition readings
Benchmark has launched its new Easy-Laser E285 Vibrometer Probe for measuring thermal expansion changers, foot resonance or taking a running softfoot test. Get product details...

FEATURES: Reliability

Don't Get Hosed:
Reduce downtime with proper hose maintenance and safety procedures
By Ron Trujillo
Proper handling, storage, use and maintenance of rotary drilling and vibrator hose assemblies are essential for long-lasting performance and safety.
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Letting off Steam:
Steam traps reduce refinery's failures, condensate return
By Sam Mawby
Keeping on top of the constant challenge of repairing and replacing thousands of mechanical steam traps is no longer a problem following the conversion of 1,750 mechanical traps to Ottawa-based Thermal Energy International's award-winning steam-trap design.
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Grease for electric motor bearings
Lubrication Engineers of Canada has added to its industrial grease product line: 1282 MONOLEC Extend EM grease. more...

Electrically insulated rolling bearings
NKE offers its SQ77 electrically insulated rolling bearings, which feature a built-in electrical insulation. more...

Brushless DC gearmotor
Crouzet North America has introduced the new 801 Series Brushless DC Gearmotor with integrated gearbox and electronics. more...


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