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Women don't choose engineering because of confidence issues: U.S. study
The real issue for female engineering students is their lack of ''professional role confidence,'' according to the American Sociological Review.
Read more — and sound off — about this study...

Quick ramp-up following planned turnaround sets pace for MEG Energy to finish 2011 strong
MEG Energy Corp.'s highlights for the third quarter of 2011 include the successful completion of a planned maintenance turnaround and rapid ramp-up to full capacity at its Christina Lake facilities in Alberta.
Learn about how its maintenance plans have progressed...

BSA publishes guides to bearing installation, mounting tools
You can now download two informative PDF guides — "Bearing Installation – Fitting Practice" and "Bearing Mounting Tools" — from the BSA website. Download the documents now...

New heavy-oil technical conference to happen alongside Global Petroleum Show, Gas & Oil Expo
The Society of Petroleum Engineers has announced plans to conduct the new SPE International Heavy Oil Conference alongside the Global Petroleum Show in 2012.
Learn how it came about...

Mining in B.C. contributes $8.9B to the economy
Direct mining expenditures in B.C. mining crested $5.2 billion in 2010 and an additional $3.7 billion was spent in secondary and support industries and services resulting in a total of $8.9 billion of economic activity across British Columbia. Learn more...

Ontario Mining Association welcomes 'new' mines minister
The Ontario Mining Association has offered its congratulations to the province's Minister of Northern Development and Mines Rick Bartolucci, sworn in following Ontario's Oct. 6 election. Find out more about the cabinet switch...

FEATURE: Skills & Training

Mining explores alternatives like dual-career paths to retain workers
Dual-career development paths are being adopted by mining companies to retain knowledge workers as the global competition for talent becomes more fierce, according to a new study released by the Mining Industry Human Resources Council.
How are companies retaining skilled workers?


Track, store, analyze oil sample data
Dingo has released Trakka 3.4, a web-based software system that allows Dingo's condition-based asset management system to track, store and analyze oil sample data. more...

12 rust-prevention options
Corrosion-resistance comparison chart highlights Birchwood Casey's 12 rust-prevention options. more...

Ultrasonic weld inspection system
GE Measurement & Control Solutions has released the USM Vision ultrasonic weld inspection system. more...

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