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New study on Quebec's mining policy performance
Quebec's mining reputation is taking a beating in the eyes of investors. That's according to a recent study that highlights four barriers to investment and the potential impact to the province.

Deloitte: Price of oil and natural gas heading down
Deloitte's analysis of the trends in futures pricing since 2010 gives a strong indication that oil is on its way down, and that natural gas prices will remain flat as far out as 2021 and 2022.

Joint Review Panel recommends approving the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
The Joint Review Panel for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Project recommends that the federal government approve the project, subject to 209 required conditions. The report finds that, if built and operated in compliance with the conditions set out in its report, the project would be in the public interest.

ICP connects with influencers of potential new talent for industrial distribution
Two PTDA Foundation Trustees, along with ICP program director, participated in the meeting of the Association for Career and Technical Educators (ACTE). Attended by 4,000 technical/vocational instructors, administrators and counselors, they spoke with individuals who influence ICP’s target market of 18- to 34-year-olds with a technical aptitude, who like to solve problems and work with people. READ...

CAMESE releases new Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers
The Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export, is pleased to announce the initial distribution of the 2013/2014 CAMESE Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers. This magazine-format book contains useful information about suppliers that help keep Canadian mines among the most efficient in the world. Get your free copy. READ...


Is lubrication data missing from your KPIs?
Lubrication remains a challenge in industrial operations. In fact, when machine bearings fail, there's a better than 70 per cent chance that faulty or insufficient lubrication practices are ultimately to blame. What can you do to address this costly problem?

Year in Review – Best Solutions of 2013
Looking for ways to solve everyday problems? We draw your attention to the cover stories of 2013, each of which depicts a resource with an innovative solution.

Roxtec sealing solutions helps to standardize skid-mounted turbine generators for OEMs
Skid-mounted turbines are often used in tough environments such as the offshore industry in the North Sea, onboard seagoing vessels and military and defense applications. Equipment and sub-systems have to be suitable for the exposure to dust, gas, water or electromagnetic fields. It is very important to choose the correct components.


Extech MA430 series clamp meters for tight locations
Extech Instruments, known for its superior handheld test and measurement tools, now offers a versatile MA430 Series of professional digital clamp meters. LINK...

Hobart Brothers Company product catalogs - filler metal solutions
Hobart Brothers Company has released two new product catalogs, detailing its extensive line of filler metal solutions. Free copies of the can downloaded. LINK...

Inertia Dynamics NEMA Brakes for servo and stepper motors
The MPC is a power-off brake module with an output shaft. The unit mounts directly on to a NEMA C-Face servo or stepper motor and the output can also be coupled to a NEMA C-Face gear reducer. This brake is designed to decelerate or hold an inertial load when the voltage is turned off. LINK...


Extreme Environment Operation of DC Servo Motors January 21, 2014 (webinar)

IFPE (International Fluid Power Exposition) 2014 March 4-8, 2014, Las Vegas, Nev.

MARTS (Formerly the Maintenance and Reliability Technology Summit) March 18-21, 2014, Rosemont, IL

Canadian Mining and Industrial Exposition April 30 - May 1, 2014, Sudbury, Ont.

CIM Convention May 11-14, 2014, Vancouver

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