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Our End Users Attain Real Efficiency

With MaximizerProā„¢, our exclusive web-based drive analysis program, end users can cut energy costs and convert real energy efficiency into real dollars. >> Learn more...


Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Gear Type Couplings

The FARR Coupling is used when a rigid connection is required between the low speed shaft of a gearbox and the head shaft of a conveyor, bucket elevator, mixer or any overhung or suspended load. Components of a FARR Coupling consist of male and female piloted hubs made from 4140 alloy steel. The hubs are extended to assure 80% hub to shaft contact. Keeper plates are included for safety. The two hubs are assembled with Grade 8 bolts and Grade ā€œCā€ Prevailing Torque nuts. Standard coupling sizes have a nominal torque range from 11,300 to 5,736,000 in-lbs. Larger sizes are available depending on the application. >> Learn more...


Self-Tensioning Motor Bases

ROSTA is the leading manufacturer of dynamic rubber suspension elements whose unique design has multi-functional uses as a spring, bearing and a damper. Our standard product line offers off the shelf solutions for immediate installation on a variety of applications such as our self-tensioning motor bases used on a wide range of V-belt driven equipment. With sizes ranging from fractional to 350 HP, we are able to extend your belt and sheave life and provide a positive drive without slippage. Let ROSTA reduce your installation and maintenance costs and increase your profits. Call us today for your free brochure. 1-800-361-0556 >> Learn more...

Partners in Training

Hands-on Workshops from the experts

For the first time, Partners in Training is presenting a special day of workshops on topics that will benefit you in your workplace with solid take-home advice. Understanding ultrasonic analysis, oil & lubrication techniques, vibration analysis and metallurgical failure analysis are all topics that are key to any sound maintenance program. Early bird deadline for registration is October 9. Visit for the full agenda. >> Learn more...

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