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Self-Tensioning Motor Bases

ROSTA is the leading manufacturer of dynamic rubber suspension elements whose unique design has multi-functional uses as a spring, bearing and a damper. Our standard product line offers off the shelf solutions for immediate installation on a variety of applications such as our self-tensioning motor bases used on a wide range of V-belt driven equipment. With sizes ranging from fractional to 350 HP, we are able to extend your belt and sheave life and provide a positive drive without slippage. Let ROSTA reduce your installation and maintenance costs and increase your profits. Call us today for your free brochure. 1-800-361-0556 >> Learn more...


Lovejoy / Sier-Bath Gear Type Couplings

The FARR Coupling is used when a rigid connection is required between the low speed shaft of a gearbox and the head shaft of a conveyor, bucket elevator, mixer or any overhung or suspended load. Components of a FARR Coupling consist of male and female piloted hubs made from 4140 alloy steel. The hubs are extended to assure 80% hub to shaft contact. Keeper plates are included for safety. The two hubs are assembled with Grade 8 bolts and Grade ā€œCā€ Prevailing Torque nuts. Standard coupling sizes have a nominal torque range from 11,300 to 5,736,000 in-lbs. Larger sizes are available depending on the application. >> Learn more...

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