CellCube Announces Enercube Sale to Raptor Rig

Mario Cywinski
May 08, 2019
Written by
Cellcube Energy Storage Systems Inc., announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, EnerCube Switchgear Systems Inc., has received a significant purchase order for $1.1 million from Raptor Rig Ltd.

"Our Vice President of PowerHaz, Gord Orser, has completed several rig packages that are similar to Raptor Rig requirements and we are confident the execution of this complex system will be a huge success,” said Brian Ricker, President and CEO, Enercube.
This design is the first of its kind and involves integration of third-party equipment. This will be a job to custom engineer, design, manufacture, and provide testing for 24 sections of 600Vac, 6000 Amps, 50kA bracing generator, and motor control feeder switchgear.
"Raptor is recognized for bringing new patented technology to the drilling industry,” saidBrent Layden, EIC Engineering and Maintenance Manager, Raptor. "We chose Enercube because they are able to provide us with electrical equipment that will meet our difficult design requirements, and Enercube is nimble enough to support Raptor throughout the design, build and commissioning process.”


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