Customized process and production-oriented training programs for industrial workers

November 30, 2016
Written by Staff
LearningSI, a provider of customized process and production-oriented training programs for industrial workers, announced a new series of e-learning modules designed to help companies get new workers up-to-speed faster, reduce downtime and improve their bottom lines.

For more than 20 years, LearningSI has provided customized, in-person training programs and materials developed and delivered by trainers with real-world experience in the energy, extraction, process and manufacturing industries among others. The company is now converting their top fundamentals training programs into an e-learning format that makes it easy and cost-effective to train workers in the basics of electricity, chemistry and physics as well as processes such as how pumps, chillers and boilers work. Among the first offerings are a series of e-learning modules on how to read Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), available now at
Industrial training has never been more critically important. In order to remain competitive, industries are introducing new processes and equipment that are often technically more complex than those used previously. This higher level of complexity requires new training to help workers develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles at work in these processes.
Add to this the fact that the North American industrial workforce is aging and many of the most experienced workers are retiring. Eight million workers in the US are expected to retire in the next five to seven years. Energy, oil and gas, pulp and paper and other process manufacturing industries in particular are experiencing an exodus of older, experienced workers; and younger replacement workers are not coming in as equipped with many of the basic industrial skills of their predecessors.
“Industries are losing some of their best trainers: the experienced workers who can teach and mentor the workforce of the future,” said Steve Ostrowski, president of LearningSI. “Our in-person trainers, traditional and e-learning content developers are those experienced workers. They bring hundreds of years of collective experience working in their respective industries, so real-world knowledge is incorporated into every LearningSI training program. Now we’re pleased to offer some of our top, fundamental training courses in an e-learning format as well,” Ostrowski added.
Younger workers tend to embrace training as an employee benefit. Having grown up using computers, they also respond particularly well to e-learning programs that offer flexible, available-anytime learning experiences.

Unlike other e-learning providers that offer only passive, “watch and listen” training – often based on written manuals converted into PDFs or slide shows – LearningSI e-learning courses provide industry-relevant training modules that are interactive, engaging and effective at conveying both the fundamentals and the on-the-job knowledge you don’t see in textbooks. 

“For years we’ve been very impressed with LearningSI’s training programs, and their new e-learning courses will offer some of the best aspects of their in-class training in a flexible format that will meet the needs of our younger workers.” said Debbie Kirkpatrick, training manager, Domtar Kamloops Mill. “LearningSI training programs support the transfer of knowledge to up-and-coming workers with content based on years of operating wisdom and experience.”   
LearningSI courses offer classroom, textbook and e-learning instruction that complement each other and are built to address:
  • General engineering, design and construction concepts
  • Specific industry technologies and skills requirements
  • Compliance, health and safety
  • Needs and unique learning styles of the younger, up-and-coming workforce
For more information about LearningSI training and e-learning programs, visit

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