Indspire launches careers in oil and gas seminar for indigenous high school students

November 21, 2014
Written by Staff
Indspire, the largest funder of indigenous education outside the federal government, launched Careers in Oil and Gas, a new Industry in the Classroom seminar for Indigenous high school students in Canada. The announcement was made today by Stephanie Sterling, General Manager, Venture Support Integration & Social Performance at Shell Canada, Founding Sponsor of the seminar, at Indspire's National Gathering for Indigenous Education in Toronto.
The Careers in Oil and Gas seminar materials feature Indigenous employees who work in the oil and gas sector, describing their day-to-day job responsibilities, as well as the educational path to their chosen career. The materials include a DVD, student workbook, teacher's guide, and activities, and are facilitated in the classroom by an Indigenous professional.
"The Careers in Oil and Gas seminar not only informs Indigenous students about career options in this industry, it gives them a goal for completing their education and lays out the road map to get there," said Sonia Prevost-Derbecker, Vice President of Education for Indspire. "These seminars illustrate the real-world applications of STEM education."
"At Shell, we believe that education is an essential tool to unlocking the tremendous potential of youth," said Stephanie Sterling. "These seminars will provide students with information about careers in the oil and gas industry that they may not have been exposed to, with the hope that this program will inspire and empower students to plan for their future."
Indspire offers other Industry in the Classroom seminars, all free of charge, for a range of careers, including mining, radio broadcasting, and television broadcasting.
Educators who are interested in having an Industry in the Classroom seminar at their own school can visit for more details.

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