Condition Monitoring
Des-Case Corporation, a global manufacturer of specialty filtration products that improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life, has redesigned its oil sight glass (OSG) that pushes the boundaries of what oil sight glasses can do.
SKF announced the introduction of its SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 71. Designed for professional alignment in harsh industrial environments, the TKSA 71 provides superior alignment performance and long service life.
Seek Thermal’s most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet, the RevealPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor, intuitive software, and a powerful 300-lumen LED light into one highly durable, handheld, and easy to use point-and-shoot device.
The SKF Basic Condition Monitoring Kit (CMAK 400-ML) includes the SKF Machine Condition Advisor (CMAS 100-SL) to simultaneously measure machine vibration signals and temperature indicating machine health and bearing condition; a compatible external sensor featuring a 100 mV/g accelerometer with coiled integral cable and magnet for accessing hard-to-reach surfaces and providing repeatable data measurements; the SKF Infrared Thermometer (CMSS 3000-SL) serving as a dual laser sighted non-contact instrument for temperature monitoring at a distance; and the SKF Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe (CMIN 400-K), which senses high frequency sounds, leaks, and electric discharges that may signal problems and makes them audible.
This month, the number of components in the EPLAN Data Portal will exceed 600,000 from over 125 component manufacturers, including several leading North American companies.
Be ready to change the way you align. Pruftechnik presents ROTALIGN touch, the revolutionary new cloud-based laser shaft alignment system with touchscreen and integrated mobile connectivity. But what exactly is going to change?
Posital-Fraba, a manufacturer of position and motion sensors for industrial motion control and safety systems, has launched a new support program for system integrators. “System integrators are very demanding in terms of performance, price and availability,” explains Patrick Maxwell, Product Officer at Posital-Fraba. “We have strengths in each of these areas and want to help our customers, both in terms of finding the right products and getting the most out of them.”
April 21, 2015 – American Sensor Technologies offers multi-variable sensors that combine multiple sensing systems such as pressure, temperature, and even LVDT linear position sensors in one package to reduce the number of components in an installation, trim inventory stock and build times, and eliminate waste. Taking on the same features and shape of a traditional single mode sensor, multi-variable sensors can reduce power consumption requirements as well.
April 21, 2015 – American Sensor Technologies AST46DS Explosion Proof Pressure Transducer and AST54ED Explosion Proof Differential Transformer are now certified according to ATEX and IECEx Ex d IIC flame proof requirements. The certifications qualify pressure sensors for safe operation in explosive gas and dust environments, addressing both Europe (ATEX) and international (IECEx) standards.
W.S. Tyler, the processing arm of Haver & Boecker, introduces the Pulse vibration analysis program. This innovation in vibration analysis gives mining and aggregate customers a means to optimum vibrating screen performance.
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