Arc welding is safe when sufficient measures are taken to protect the welder from potential hazards. Before starting your next project, be sure to understand and follow safe practices to protect yourself from such hazards as electric shock, fires and explosions, fumes and gases and arc rays.
Caterpillar introduced the Cat Integrated Object Detection System that's designed to enhance mine site safety. The system was developed after extensive research by Caterpillar showed that 70 percent of haulage truck accidents at mine sites occur during initial machine start up and low-speed movement.
Calgary, AB - Airdar Inc. of Edmonton has been honoured with the 2009 SAIT Polytechnic Outstanding Achievement in Applied Technology and Innovation Award from the Alberta Science and Technology Leadership Foundation (ASTech). Airdar (Air Detection and Ranging) is a developed-in-Alberta technology that helps industry reduce greenhouse gas emissions by detecting the location and volume of gas leaks. It combines permanently installed field sampling with an analyzer and timers to monitor atmospheric conditions and create site maps that pinpoint leak locations. The system is automatic and can monitor sites continuously.
NEW BERLIN, WI - J.W. Winco, Inc., a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, now offers series GN 743.6 Metric Sized ATEX Explosive Protective Fluid Level Sight Glasses.
Appleton, WI - Miller Electric Mfg. Co. recently introduced the Wicked design to its Elite and Digital Elite Series of Arc Armor auto-darkening welding helmets. These helmets are ideal for professionals and hobbyists who use Stick, MIG, TIG and plasma cutting applications and provide exceptional comfort and safety features. The new design reflects Miller’s ongoing emphasis on cutting edge graphics that make a marked visual impact, in this case, a “wicked” leering skull featuring long fangs and joined by smaller skulls emerging from the intricate pattern.
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