High-capacity powered pallet truck for materials handling

May 09, 2018
Written by Staff
CombiLift high capacity powered pallet truck
CombiLift high capacity powered pallet truck
The Combi - PPT is a high-capacity powered pallet truck with lift capacities of 3,00 0kg and 6,000 kg, with models with even higher capacities of 7,000 to 16,000 kg available on request.

The optional operator’s platform enables stand-on or walkbehind operation. Equipped with our patented multi-position tiller arm, the Combi-HC-PPT offers safer operation, maximum operator visibility and narrow aisleperformance.

Features Include:
• Power Steering
• AC Motor Technology
• Rear Wheel Drive
• Patented Multi-Position Tiller Arm

Optional Extras:
• Fork Configurations for Reels
• Wider Forks
• Longer Forks
• Closed Fork Height
• Slave Pallet System Available

The Combi - PPT was launched during the official opening of the new Combilift
Global Headquarters. Built at a cost of €50 million ($76.3 million), the new 46,500 sq. m (500,000 sq.ft) Global Headquarters and new manufacturing facility will allow Combilift to double production.

Combilift sees a growing demand for pedestrian trucks, driven by safety concerns
where customers and/or employees are in the vicinity of operating forklifts according
to Martin McVicar, Managing Director, Combilift. “It is Combilift’s intention to
significantly expand its pedestrian forklift range as can be seen with the launch of
this high lift capacity Combilift Powered Pallet Truck (Combi-PPT).”

For more information, visit http://combilift.com/

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